JB Braendel

Portfolio and Work Experience


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  • What A game engine
  • When Aug '13 - Present
  • Blab A game engine in the making.. Currently supports loading simple graphics meshes from .obj formats, basic physics, networking, and terrain generation/tessellation
  • C++ OpenGL

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  • What Vancouver based startup helping business owners distribute goods
  • When May '13 - Aug '13
  • Blab Sokap is a project which helps connect business and project managers to the community. I was responsible for setting up Sokap's payment processing system: allowing project owners to distribute various goods through Sokap.
  • PHP PayPal MySQL Javascript jQuery

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  • What Auto download from file-sharing sites
  • When July '13
  • Blab Brings automation to filesharing download sites. Store a list of links, each of which you'd like to download, the downloader will go through each link for each classified site and open it. The script (loaded through Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey) will run when the site is opened, then send a request to retrieve the latest auto-downloading script for that specific site. That loaded script will go through the process to download the file, and notify you when it requires your attention (eg. captcha message). When the download is started, it will send a request to the downloader to remove the link, close the page, and start the next download.
  • PHP MySQL Javascript jQuery Spider

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  • What Simple IRC-like Chatroom
  • When August '11 - Present
  • Blab An AJAX/Comet based Webapp to simulate IRC chatrooms. This webapp takes advantage of a number of HTML5 and CSS3 features; and works ontop of a well built and robust Javascript framework.
  • PHP MySQL Javascript jQuery Mobile HTML5 CSS3
PayPal Integrated WebApp

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  • What Simple PayPal Integration Demo
  • When March '11
  • Blab This simple demo displays the capabilities of a web application supporting some of PayPal's features; including, checkouts, subscriptions, subscription modifications, refunds, and graceful attacker detection. This page also describes how PayPal attacks are made, and gives a simple run-through of how hacking PayPal works.
  • Javascript PHP MySQL PayPal
MoneyScavenger - Advertising/Payment Website

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  • What A Unique Website to bring Advertisers and Users together with a Modern Pay-Per-Click
  • When February '11 - March '11
  • Blab My client hired me to create and develop an innovative idea that he thought of - to bring advertisers and users together. The goal was to allow advertisers to distribute a few snippets of code around their website, where the users would have to hunt THROUGH their website in a scavenger-hunt style game, and were paid upon winning the games. Games were run 2x a day, with 2 hour downtime between both games, allowing many users to join and compete in the challenge to be the first to find all the hidden treasure boxes on each of the advertisers website. A social aspect was built into the website to allow users to communicate and mingle between each other, to make new friends during game downtime.
  • PHP MySQL SQL Javascript jQuery Social
Android Market Web Spider

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  • What A Portable Web Spider for the Android Market
  • When February '11
  • Blab My client for tuttoandroid.net required me to build a Web Spider for the Android Market, to grab all the apps from each category, along with every detail listed with each app, and add it to a database
  • PHP Spider MySQL SQL
Lions Brand Web Spider

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  • What A Web Spider for lionbrand.com
  • When February '11
  • Blab My client for MakeMania required me to create a web spider for LionBrand.com, a legacy written website, to scrape out various knitting patterns for DIY-minded people
  • PHP Spider
SingleSikhs - SocialEngine CMS Plugins

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  • What SocialEngine CMS - PayPal and Winks Plugin (modifications, fixes, and implentations)
  • When December '10 - February '11
  • Blab My client for SingleSikhs.co.uk ordered two plugins for his CMS (SocialEngine) Website - one to handle PayPal purchases, the other to handle social-based winking/poking between users. Both were completely bug-ridden and full of broken implementations. I was required to go in and debug, fix, improve and fully integrate both plugins into his website.
  • PHP CMS SocialEngine PayPal Plugins
LoomOfReality - Web Spider and ePub converter

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  • What An advanced Web Spider to crawl through a dynamic JSON-based website, scrape out data and convert it into an ebook
  • When December '10 - January '10
  • Blab Built a web spider for the website LoomOfReality.org, to scrape out key pieces of data, store the data in a database, sort the data, and create an ePub ebook, in a zipped file, of all the data for download. The key thing about the site is that its setup to have sections, and varied subsection levels for each section; so a recursion-based algorithm was required to grab out each piece of data, assign an id to it, as well as its parent's id. The site was completely jQuery/JSON based, so I built a Javascript Injection script to "Inject" javascript code into the page before it fully loaded, to help with retrieving various pieces of data. After grabbing each piece of data, that data was stored in a database to be sorted and retrieved at the end of the script. After the spider had finished, the script moved into phase 2 where it would sort and retrieve the data from the database and create an ePub ebook out of it, making it APPEAR to have chapters/subchapters for each varying section level (since ePub ebooks only allow single-level chapters). Finally the ebook was zipped in a zip file, and sent to the user for download.
  • PHP Javascript jQuery Injection Hack Spider MySQL SQL ePub eBook zip
Morgan McConnell - Wordpress Widget

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  • What A simple Image Gallery widget for the Wordpress CMS
  • When December '10 - January '10
  • Blab A simple Wordpress widget of an image gallery with crossfade-effect between images. Images were required to be shown randomly, while having control over the randomization (a collection of images {A,B,C} may display like {C-A-B - A-C-B - ...} but NOT like {C-A-B - B-C-A - ...} where an image would be displayed twice). A client, Morgan McConnell, hired me on to build this for a site, specifically gearing this gallery for a Paid-Sponsors section. You can view the website here: http://www.simbs.com
  • PHP Javascript jQuery Wordpress CMS

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  • What Craigslist Web Spider
  • When October '10 - January '10
  • Blab Craigawtcher is a web spider which crawls through Craigslist hourly, and emails any discovered posts to matching queries added in the database. The spider uses cURL to retrieve the RSS source of a given city/category page, and XPath/Regex to scrape out all the data. Details to the spider are kept in the database, to scrape UP TO the lastly scraped post(s), to avoid any duplications. Craigwatcher is run hourly with Cron, 24/7.
  • PHP Javascript jQuery MySQL SQL Spider PayPal
Marble Maze - Blackberry mobile app

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  • What A Blackberry Mobile App/Game
  • When September '10 - October '10
  • Blab A simple arcase-style app made for the RIM market. A complex maze that you explore while playing a marble character. Quick fingers and dexterity skills are required to move forward in this game, as well as some puzzle solving skills.
  • Java Blackberry Mobile
Kenyon Nesbitt - The Gift App

  • What A Retail-Based Web Spider
  • When August '10 - November '10
  • Blab A general-case Web Spider used for crawling through any given retail website and scraping out all the items; it allows support for native XHTML sites, AJAX-based websites, and meta-redirecting sites. This crawler has a powerful yet simple controller, which allows you to grab items from a site based off the category/subcategories. Items are stored in a database, which can later be searched for from the client-side application (on the iPhone). Matching items from the search query must be sorted via. distance by address/location, to display which stores containing a given item are closest to the user.
  • PHP Javascript MySQL SQL Spider
South Granville Coalition - Wordpress Widgets

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  • What Debugging/Manipulating/Managing an Advanced Event-Based Calendar Plugin for a Wordpress-Based CMS
  • When July '10 - September '10
  • Blab A large number of modifications were required for an existing wordpress widget (Alieneila Calendar) including a wide variety of bug fixes, allowing more control over reoccuring events, sorting the dates, etc.
  • PHP Javascript Wordpress CMS
Data Entry - eLan Data Makers

  • What Data Entry
  • When June '10 - August '10
  • Blab I worked as a data entry employee, entering data from the HST Tax Petition sheets, as well as some Hunter-Registration cards
  • Non-IT
AdventureEngine - Google Calendar Integration

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  • What Integrated Google Calendars using the Zend Framework
  • When February '10 - April '10
  • Blab AdventureEngine required me to integrate Google Calendars into their vacation-booking system using the Zend Framework. Vacation-handlers could easily manage and maintain their listed vacation dates within Google Calendars in a fully automated environment. When users book to a vacation, it will automatically update the vacation-manager's calendar, listing in full details, the number of people who are coming, the required items they need to bring, as well as extra notes given from the users.
  • PHP Javascript MySQL SQL Zend Google
Brighthouse Labs - iPhone App Developer

  • What Created Apps for the iPhone
  • When January '10 - February '10
  • Blab I created two apps for the iPhone, for Brighthouse Labs - a simple Photo Gallery app, and a dynamic Picture/Calendar app
  • Cocoa iOS Mobile
CTDI - Materials Handler

  • What Materials Handler for CTDI
  • When June '09 - August '09
  • Blab I was hired on to handle and organize defective PVR units from Telus
  • Non-IT
The HealthFood Bar

  • What Assistant / General Employee
  • When October '08 - December '08, September '09 - December '09
  • Blab Performed various tasks such as opening/closing, food prep, cleaning, making and serving food/drinks and cashier
  • Non-IT
The International Grill

  • What Assistant / General Employee
  • When October '08 - December '08
  • Blab Performed various tasks such as opening/closing, food prep, cleaning, serving food and cashier
  • Non-IT

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  • What 3D C++ Based Game
  • When March '07 - October '09
  • Blab An under-development 3D game, built in C++ with integrated engines such as Ogre, FMOD, Newton Physics, and RakNet used to power it
  • C++ Ogre FMOD Newton RakNet CEGUI